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16 Apr 2014

Dirk Rees shoots for Molton Brown

To celebrate 30 years of Orange & Bergamot, Molton Brown have worked with branding agency The Gild to create a campaign that embodies the spirit of their signature scent.

The work tells the story of the powerful but delicate neroli flower (orange blossom). Known for it's incredibly short lifespan the film portrays the neroli's transition from it's awakening at dawn to its full blossom under the heat of the Andalusian sun.


09 Apr 2014

Photographer Andy Batt joins the Peter Bailey Company

We are thrilled to announce that Andy Batt has joined the Peter Bailey New York. Andy has an outstanding portfolio of athletes, personalities and conceptual ad work. Based in Portland he shoots all over the world integrating motion with photography wherever possible. Below are a few of our favorite sports shots. Tomorrow I will post some of his great portrait work. If you want to see more right now, please click through to his portfolios.


26 Mar 2014

Devious Maids - by Mitch Jenkins

Shot for Lifetime by Mitch Jenkins - check out these provocative posters for the new series.

04 Mar 2014

Ghost Series 2 - No Ordinary Power

Trigger was commissioned to shoot the Ghost Series 2 by Partners Andrews Aldridge. Shot on location throughout Spain and produced by Mark Ferris Productions the time stack concept originated by Clive Parsley evolved into these stunning images. Of the 20 shot campaign all seamlessly retouched by Jon Smith @ Circle Media, 5 stings were animated by Si Cox which can be viewed at

04 Mar 2014

A Film by Tara Donne

We are thrilled to be able to share with you a personal film by Tara Donne showing how her beautiful photographic style translates to motion. Click the image to view the film.

27 Feb 2014

Porsche Macan Campaign by Circle Media

I could not decide which was my favourite image of the Porsche Macan campaign so I created a new portfolio showing them all off. Now remember, all the cars have been created in CG and then skillfully retouched into the backplates by Circle Media. Check out the rest of the Macan campaign commissioned by Kemper Kommunikation by clicking the image below.


24 Feb 2014

Bonnie & Clyde - by Mitch Jenkins

Emilie Hirsch and Holliday Grainger star as Bonnie & Clyde in the new series.  Shot on location near Baton Rouge by Mitch Jenkins for A&E.


24 Feb 2014

Tara Donne - Recent News

Each time we visit Tara's website, we always think, wow! - isn't it a lovely website. ( If you have five minutes remind yourself how fantastic it is. Be warned though, don't have a look if you are hungry! Below are a few recent editorial covers Tara has shot. As Tara says, there is nothing like a pop of colour to get you out of the winter doldrums! - Bring on spring,


19 Feb 2014

Joseph Ford wins at the One Eyeland Photo Awards

Congrats Joseph Ford - he has just won two awards in the One Eyeland 2013 competition. 

A Silver for a series in 'Advertising - Self-Promotion' and a Silver for a series in 'Editorial - Other'. Both for the same series featured below.


13 Feb 2014

Todd Baxter - Project Astoria: Test 01

New Work by Todd Baxter:

Project Astoria: Test 01 is an introduction to the people, animals, and objects of the Astoria System, the retro-futuristic backdrop for Baxter’s upcoming exploration of dystopia and coming-of-age. 

The Astoria System, discovered hidden within our own solar system by an amateur astronomer in Astoria, Illinois, in the 1920s, includes a dwarf planet and its moons. Two of the moons, named for the astronomer's daughters, Vivian and Elsae, are later found to be habitable and are colonized by a hopeful multinational expedition from our world not long after Neil Armstrong takes his first steps on Earth's moon. 

Fifteen years later, Earth has all but abandoned the utopian colonization effort, where the first generation of Astorian youth are ascending into adulthood. The images follow them as they explore and grow in their world, more familiar to them than Earth could ever be. Future installations will tell the story of our young heroes as they survive the tangled world of adolescence only to be thrust into adulthood at the very moment Project Astoria is coming undone.

Moving between the surreal feeling of a fairy tale and something more comfortable and deceptively mundane, Project Astoria takes Baxter's unique visions to an ambitious new level. Project Astoria will be developed over the coming years.